We are in the business of buying and selling Real Estate to fit our clients ideal Maui Lifestyle through unparalleled service, extensive market research and creative in-house marketing and productions.



Maui Lifestyle Group formed from the realization that when purchasing property on Maui, it is not just the property you are buying, but the lifestyle that comes with it.  Whether you are buying or selling, you need an agent that understands that.  With marketing backgrounds in design, photography, cinematography and business development, we are able to bring a fresh perspective to the Maui Real Estate market.  Our goal is to create a brand that matches the beauty of Maui with visually pleasing photos, videos, websites and content that portrays the Maui Lifestyle.  Don’t worry, it’s not all about being flashy.  We’ve got the brains to back our brand with business, sales and negotiating experience as well as extensive market knowledge.  When we’re not creating fresh content, we are studying the market, researching trends and hunting down the best deals to make sure we stay ahead of the curve.  We are a hard working crew with the highest level of professionalism and commitment to our clients.

Meet The Crew

Mike Marshall

Founder/Team Lead

Since I was a boy, I have been driven to succeed. At nine years old, I started collecting cassette tapes of motivational speakers, business advisors and audio books that I would play repeatedly on my Walkman. I drew pictures to hang on my wall of the car I would drive when I grew up, the house I would live in, the vacations I would take. At thirteen years old, I started my first little business and since, have gone on to launch several businesses, including a 65-agent call center with 13 retail stores and hundreds of sales representatives throughout the United States, becoming the largest sales organization in my industry.

In 2002, I met my beautiful wife, Angela. We got married, bought a couple of houses in Sisters, Oregon and quickly realized the incredible financial benefits that come with owning property. It was at this point that I knew my career would eventually turn in the direction of real estate.

After purchasing our second home, we had our son, Tristan. In 2011, we brought him on our first trip to Maui. We were hooked! We could not get enough of the soft, sandy beaches, the warm ocean water and the aloha spirit throughout the island. Shortly after, we had our precious daughter, Gemma and in 2013, returned to Maui once again with our full family of four.

After 17-years in Central Oregon, my wife and I decided we were going to start living life more intentionally. We pulled out a map and asked ourselves, “if we could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?” Maui won, hands down. The next logical question was, “what do you want to do?” The answer to that was simple, real estate! We listed my business for sale, rented our house and moved to the number one island in the world, Maui!

As an entrepreneur, business owner and community leader I have learned the value of hard work and the importance of taking care of people. I am a perpetual learner, waking up early every morning to study, being the first one in and the last one to leave. I know what it takes to be successful in this business and, more importantly, I do what it takes. I am a professional, the one you want working for you in the business of buying and selling real estate.

Terri Nicholson

Real Estate Broker

Terri Nicholson has over 15 years of experience representing buyers and marketing listings for residential clients in the Portland metropolitan area of Oregon.  She began her Real Estate career in new construction and currently works on remodels as well as works directly with contractors & investors.  She moved to Maui in October 2016 and recently joined the Maui Lifestyle Group of Coldwell Banker Island properties; a fantastic team of CBIP that works well together.  Terri is dedicated, efficient & works hard for her clients every step of the way.  She spends the time with her clients to better understand what they are looking for in a home and lifestyle on Maui.

Terri enjoys building relationships and has easily adapted to the Island life.  She enjoys the beach, surfing, CrossFit and a healthy lifestyle.  She also is a volunteer for the Children’s Ministry Hope Chapel Maui.

Kyle Groshong

Real Estate Professional
‭(808) 738-6640‬

I’m an educated, business professional through experience and on paper, but ultimately I’m a country boy at heart with the manners included.  I’m an avid outdoorsman participating in a wealth of activities that let me enjoy the beauty of nature, so if you’re ever on a hike or snorkeling, there’s a pretty good chance our paths will meet.  My roots are from Oregon but I also resided in Northern California for a few years and now on Maui. In fact, I met my wife while in California and we had our dream beach wedding and honeymoon on Maui.  She left California to start a life with me in Oregon.  After getting back home from our honeymoon we were depressed! Nothing compared to beautiful Maui.  We knew in our hearts we just had to be here.  So much that 418 days later we moved here.  Some say Maui, we call it our piece of heaven on earth.

Through my various vocations I acquired excellent customer service, training and management experience working with Fortune 500 companies.  At the Nike World Headquarters, I managed their most valuable artifacts and assisted in projects working with the biggest names in the sports industry.

Nike isn’t on Maui, so I had to reevaluate my career that would provide for me and my soon to be growing family.  I decided to do what felt right and take a leap, leaving what was comfortable and surrendering to the unknown.  I’ve always been involved and passionate about real estate in some way, with that, and moving here it confirmed my new career.  I firmly decided to become an expert in real estate.  With the right knowledge, passion, perseverance and faith anything is possible.

I pride myself on the professional service and honesty I provide to my clients. I treat my clients beyond the level of service I desire for myself. I’m only satisfied with my work when my client is as well.  I will do whatever I can to ensure the best experience.  I’m a great listener and by the way, that has been very handy in my marriage. The saying goes, you have 2 ears and 1 mouth,  use them proportionately.  I use that to my full advantage to be a man of few words.  If I’m not talking, I’m listening, which I love to do.  I can testify that spending time on Maui can be a positive life changing experience.  I genuinely want to know about my clients, their story and how I can assist in making their dreams and aspirations of paradise-living a reality.  So if you happen to scroll this far down, ask yourself who do you want to help you?  Our team is ready to assist you with your real estate ventures and welcome you with Aloha.

Jennifer Lake

Real Estate Professional
‭(808) 357-5422‬

Maui… I first visited more than 30 years ago.  There was only one light on South Kihei Road, the Grand Wailea Resort was just being completed and new condos at the Palms at Wailea were about $175K!  That was an amazing time to be on Maui and I decided then that somehow, I would make Maui my home.

Several months later, I left Southern California for Maui and never looked back!   In 1993, I met my husband Steve and since then, we have been fortunate to enjoy not only the Maui lifestyle but also bought and sold numerous properties, both on the mainland and Maui.

Most of my initial years on Maui were spent as a Corporate and Incentive Event planner.  This afforded me the opportunity of extensive travel to all of the outer Islands. I have a deep knowledge of what each Island has to offer and most importantly, their differences.  

As an event planner, possessing 25+ years serving top level, discriminating clients, I understand the meaning of being in service to others and how to deliver on commitments.

Whether it is owning, renting, managing or just enjoying Maui real estate, I have the personal and professional experience that you can utilize to your benefit. Looking at all the pros and cons of any property or transaction is my natural style that I use to find a perfect “fit” in accomplishing your real estate goals.

Collaboration, clarity and competence are the essential qualities I bring to my clients. You deserve this level of Realtor attention and participation for your real estate transactions. Please contact me at any time.  I look forward to being of service to you!